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Thursday February 11, 2016


Member since: June 13, 2008
Last visit: October 1, 2013
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: A.E.L. OLE!
Country: Greece
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Song: Pump it
Fav. Video: Don't Lie
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Videos from the best day of my life:-)

category: BEP | July 13 | @852 | comments comments(9)

There are some videos I took from the BEP concert I went on 7/7/2010. It was by far the best day of my life. I was holding this huge sign with the epigraph: 'MARIA IS HERE!' and pointed at me and he said :'MARIA IS HERE AND ATHENS IS HERE'' and then he repeated that... I was absolutely thrilled Enjoy!

Let's Bring Fergie again at home!! (written by fergusera)
category: BEP
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added on: 01/19 @743
re-report it...
category: Life
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added on: 09/19 @670
category: Life
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added on: 08/20 @848


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Archangel by me =)

Archangel by me =)

Published on: 09/09/2012

Copying my Idol

Copying my Idol

Published on: 08/23/2012

Lets get Wet 'n Wild!

Lets get Wet 'n Wild!

Published on: 08/23/2012

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05/21/15 @864
05/21/15 @864
02/18/13 @981
Mariaaaaaaaa<333 Hey hun, I`m sorry it took so long for me to respond! :( I have been so busy lately with school and things... This is the final year in high school and we`re preparing for exams. We`re having tests almost every day. :p
About a week ago we had 'pilot exams' - something like the real ones but they were only for training.
Then I had.... umm žetonvakars? I have no idea how to translate that in english, cause they don`t have the right word for it. :/ It`s something like a ball for students when teachers give them badges like a sign that they will successfully graduate.
Then we had like some ton of tests again and right now I`m just sitting at home because I`m sick with cold. :p
Ahh so perfect :) today I went on facebook and guess what - Fergie is pregnant!!! OMG I am soooo happy for her and Josh! Those were excellent news. :) Actually last days I was trying to get all of the latest photos of her, because I had some thoughts that she might be pregnant.
How have you been? :) What`s new??? Can`t wait to hear from you<333
09/29/12 @908
heelloooooooo dear :* wowowoow wait u say its ur thing the exams :o don't say so :'O of course its gonna be a honor for germany to welcome a greek peabody <33 thats not bad honey when u once learn u only have to get remindet on some words what u learned and then ur knowing about germany will return iam sure ^^ omg ur mom tooo strict but honey german is a good language but also its ur life not ur mom's u don't have to live that life what she wants don't get me wrong dear <3
iam sorry but i can speak turkish too but iam bad in it :p so shhhh no need to tell ur mom hun :p

thanks hun yay i have ur support :p mm parents support it too i just need to follow my dream <3
aiiiiiiii hun did u rent any house there yet? are u living in athens yet? :o
aii honey i dont have much ideas about hip hop sorry :/ but iam sure u will decorate everything adorable just like urself are <3
yes i read it hun and i think bep should do what they think what is the best for them but i would love to listen to an album mix of monkey business and The E.N.D that would be amazing ;) <33

i miss u too <33
kisses <3
09/21/12 @873
Hi, Sorry, I haven't been on this site online in a while haha and no worries about my friend, I don't know her face 2 face, that's why I don't got his real adress, you know :) But it's all cool haha

And congratulations to you!! That seems real dope, you seems good at mathematics, I love 'em tho haha

And, I'm studying to be a "vet". My thing are the animals :)
09/21/12 @867
Wouah you visited so much things and yes except the Lido I visited all the places you mentioned but I'd love to be there again because it's so beautiful. About Jean-Claude Van Damme it's possible he was in Deauville because it's a very expensive city and you have the casino the Normandy hotel which is very beautiful and you have the American film Festival which is great after the Cannes Festival of course
Don't worry you spell Chantilly very well it's a magnificent palace which was rebuilt by the son of the last king who ruled France Louis Philippe I and inside you have a very impressive collection of paintings and books. A great dream for a historian
I visited these places but I want to be there again and I didn't visit all France there is so much things to do for instance Avignon or Bordeaux which are very beautiful cities too.

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hi everybody!

I'm a 18 year-old girl from Greece. I'm in love with the peas since 2005, when I listenned to Pump it on TV for the first time. My favourite kind of music is soul/hip hop/r 'n b. My favourite colors are orange and royal blue. Things I dislike:p : 'cheap' house music, hypocrites, physics, my brother.
Things I like:) : listening to music, go shopping, traveling, going to the movies, logging in (my favourite site!!!)

real name: Maria
city: Larissa
fav. food: lazagnia, pastitsio.
fav. movies: Harry Potter (all), Be cool, Step up 2,3, The Terminal, The Prestige, Gran Torino, Paranormal activity.
fav. serial: LOST, true blood, Desparate Housewives, Sex n the city, House M.D.,Monk, Las Vegas, Damages.
B-day: 14 January 1994

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letz go bitchesss!!!!!

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